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Please enter here your departure point and destination. The system will help you if you do not have the exact spelling. You can also use the vehicle registration of each town. Please enter below the stop, the address (street name and house number) or a local landmark, e.g. a place of interest. Searches which use the address can only be used for the RMV area.


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BVG Trip Planner


By using the End-to-End Accessibility Options, you can have a considerable impact on how the system searches for routes. You can decide whether the search only takes account of the sections of the route for which information on accessibility is available or sections of the route for which no information is available.

When you select a user group profile or input your own personal settings, you’ll obtain an appropriate route for your journey.

Options for through travel with disabled access

Specifications for calculating routes for disabled access


BVG Trip Planner


In case your journey does not take you simply from stop to stop, you can find out how to reach your first stop or the route to take from your last stop. This service is particularly useful when addresses or local places of interest are entered.

Routes on foot to first stop and from last stop

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