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Please enter your starting point and destination here. As soon as you enter the first letter, the program offers you your most recently used stops or addresses. Enterin at least four letters you get a useful list of suggestions from which you can choose. The more letters you enter, the more precise the list you will be offered.

If you have Any as the setting, you can enter all the information you have about the starting point or destination in succession in the input field.

The start and destination can also of course be selected using the Ticket Function program – click on the red symbol next to the input field.

If you activate Alternative Stops at Start and Destination, any further appropriate variations in your journey will be displayed.

If you want to use routes to other parts of Germany outside Berlin and Brandenburg, select the Germany-wide Search. You will then be referred to the Delfi information system operated by the federal states and DB including long-distance services. You can also search for timetables within European regions including national and international flight routes. For futher information visit the Website of EU-SPIRIT.
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Individual enquiry


In case your journey does not take you simply from stop to stop, you can find out how to reach your first stop or the route to take from your last stop. This service is particularly useful when addresses or local places of interest are entered.
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